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T5A Acrylic centred rosette

T5A Acrylic centred rosette

The Acrylic centred  rosette shown here is the T5.  The rosette has your design on an acrylic centre which is mounted on a golden raised centre. This is an effect which is exclusive to Tyrella Rosettes.  All rosettes made using tight Elizabethan pleating.  Available in any combination of colours from our ribbon range. Diameter             ,  Overall height                  All measurements are approximate as each rosette is hand made for you.   The T3A, T5A, T5EA, T6A, T8A, T8EA, T14A and T60A are the only models show on the website.  We can also produce the following traditional rosettes in this acrylic centred range T2,T2E,T3F,T4, T50, T7, T7E,T9E, T12, T15, T16, T17 and T18 - please contact us for details of prices for these models