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10 Sets 1st-4th Single Tier Rosettes

10 Sets 1st-4th Single Tier Rosettes

pack of 40 rosettes - 10 sets of First - Fourth rosettes - 10 x 1sts, 10 x 2nds, 10 x 3rds and 10 x 4ths. The single tier Rosettes are supplied in the standard award colours of Red for First, Blue for Second, Yellow for Third and Green for Fourth. Ready for immediate despatch, all made from the same tight Elizabethan pleat you expect from Tyrella Rosettes. Complete with safety pin fastening Price including VAT is £ 25.20 If you need a different number of sets, or would like some larger rosettes to go with these, you can find everything you need on our website. If you would like the name of the event printed on the rosettes then these can also be found on our website OR please telephone or email us for immediate help.